About Us

iASSISTBIZ is a full-service DIY Hub for small businesses. We are a dynamic team of professionals, coming together to solely provide you with tools and services to support small business owners needing the advice to develop and take their business to the next level. The company comprises skilled specialists in different sectors who have an outstanding understanding of how to help those who want success and wealth. The services consist of A-Z DIY tools to assist you in learning and growing as a business owner and a successful entrepreneur.
iASSISTBIZ is a team of professional experts with over 20 years experience. Together, as a consortium, they have integrated their education and knowledge to prepare, develop, and empower highly motivated professionals to grow their businesses!
The team consists of legal professions, business and economic consultants,, life coaches, financial advisors, insurance professionals, nonprofit experts, subsidiary authors, and other community-based entities to allow learners to select and increase their performance from an assortment of resources that suit them the most.